Ferretland back up!!

FERRETLAND IS BACK UP (OLD staff loose their spots)
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 Mr Ray's Admin/Mod Application.

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PostSubject: Mr Ray's Admin/Mod Application.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:47 pm

copy and past the stuff below into a new topic

1.my screen name is:
Mr Ray or Pure pok gai. It varies, Most likely Mr Ray though.

2.I have helped people by:
Answering there questions, and doing whatever to help.

3.Here is my proof:
I actually don't have any proof, but I assure you I can and will help.

4.Why should owner ferret pick me to be mod/admin and not anyone else?
Well, I don't know, But if you choose me i'd greatly appreciate it, and help you as much as possible.

5.my iq is greater than 10: My iq is greater than 10 Lol. its 100+
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Mr Ray's Admin/Mod Application.
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