Ferretland back up!!

FERRETLAND IS BACK UP (OLD staff loose their spots)
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 k0 dont care mod/admin application

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k00 dont care

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PostSubject: k0 dont care mod/admin application   Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:55 pm

1.my screen name is:
2.I have helped people by:
3.Here is my proof:
4.Why should owner ferret pick me to be mod/admin and not anyone else?
5.my iq is greater than 10:

yo its k0 dont care. ive beeen telling my freinds about this some of em try to get on but the download wont work for them. when ever people need help i try helping them as much as i can. When bladezoffury started i gave him stuff that i didnt need any more. i dont swear or anything and im nice to every player i talk to. ive tried to donate but i told you all about that. And yeah im sure i have a iq way way higher then 10.

yup so c ya on ferrtscape k0 dont care=)
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k0 dont care mod/admin application
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