Ferretland back up!!

FERRETLAND IS BACK UP (OLD staff loose their spots)
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 Bladezoffury mod application

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PostSubject: Bladezoffury mod application   Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:29 pm

1.my screen name is:
2.I have helped people by:
3.Here is my proof:
4.Why should owner ferret pick me to be mod/admin and not anyone else?
5.my iq is greater than 10:

whats up again ferret my screen name is bladezoffury and i have helped fury out by giving him advice and being respectful to him and all players.you can message F U R Y my bro and ask him that i helped you. i also helped my other bro out by helping him setup his account and giving him free stuff, but hes to young to apply so just dont talk to him (you can if you want). i have been loyal to every player so far and respectful. ive helped new players by giving them stuff. i am absolutely positively sure i have a higher iq than 10 haha.

see you on ferretscape (best ps) pease bladez
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Bladezoffury mod application
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