Ferretland back up!!

FERRETLAND IS BACK UP (OLD staff loose their spots)
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 F U R Y Mod/admin. application

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PostSubject: F U R Y Mod/admin. application   Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:51 pm

1. My screen name is F U R Y.

2. I have helped people in many games and I have helped people find training area and skill areas in Ferretland private server.

3. My proof is my two brothers bladezoffury and purelife, i was the original to join this private server between us.

4. I should be chosen over others because I am experianced with private servers and im very mature. Very Happy

5. I am 100% positive my I.Q. is over 10 becuase im in all honors classes in high school.
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F U R Y Mod/admin. application
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