Ferretland back up!!

FERRETLAND IS BACK UP (OLD staff loose their spots)
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 Chat box rules

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PostSubject: Chat box rules   Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:58 pm

these rules are strictly enforced

1. no saying the names of other server names unless they have a nickname (scroll down for info about the nickname)
2. no random kicking or banning
3. no advertising
4. no inapporiote language (judged by the owners online in the chatbox)
5. if your talking about another server with some one create a private chat with them...

you only get one warning per day
ban lenght:
minimum: 2 hours
maximum: well there isnt one

server nicknames

1. not remotly close to what the servers name is....
2. nicknames will not be told what they mean in public chat
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Chat box rules
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